Mission Statement

Deliver strategic planning fundamentals in a timely and consistent manner while exposing value. 


Effective Strategic Planning You Can Count On

AFSO21 LLC -  Arctic Fox Strategic Opportunities (AFSO) mirrors the tenacity of the small yet hardy animal that has been able to survive in the harshest of climates. The Arctic Fox if you notice, happens to be our logo.

Our strategic planning services include comprehensive consultation to help our clients identify gaps and opportunities while at the same time developing an array of solutions they can choose to implement and then, effectively and economically adjust to their changing environment. 

We assist clients with identifying SMART goals or objectives enterprise wide. There is a saying that if we fail to plan, we plan to fail. Time is the most valuable resource, a commodity so precious that once it is spent, it can never be regained. We support our clients with being proactive, learning and implementing techniques to manage time, personnel, and expenses effectively and efficiently.  

With a background in Fire Emergency Services, our consultation includes supporting emergency service providers with identifying, developing, implementing, and maintaining strategies and techniques necessary to operate and sustain their organization. We anticipate and identify requirements, research organizational practices, and assist with developing and crystallizing goals and objectives.  We apply analytical expertise and formulate recommendations and effective solutions in areas of staffing, community risk assessment, training, and financial and operational management. With each consultation, we provide reports, proposals, and presentations for future reference. 

Our objective is not for our clients to be continuously reliant upon our services but rather, allow them to incorporate our strategic planning methodologies and request our services as needed.

Conference table for meetings

Conference table for meetings



Over the past three decades, AFSO21 LLC owner, Kevin Ferrara supported individuals and organizations with strategic and operational leadership and is instrumental in assessing complex situations, identifying solutions by incorporating Agile methodology and coaching, business analysis, and professional development skills. Kevin's adept in community outreach/relations, developing policies/procedures, performing risk assessments, and incorporating strategic/critical thinking & writing, and group facilitation.

Kevin served as an ambassador to foreign host nations; designed and implemented large budgets; and developed enterprise wide programs and policies improving support operations and mission success. Accolades from national leaders and organizations proved Kevin's abilities, leading him to serve as a Command Deputy Fire Chief managing 14 military installations.

Kevin supported government clients as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) before starting his own veteran-led, independent consulting company. This transition gave Kevin boundless opportunities to focus on improving small to mid-size organizations including fire emergency service (FES) providers.

Based on his talents, Kevin was selected as a Teaching Assistant for Penn State's Smeal College of Business where he currently supports the BA 411 Business & Industry Analysis course.

Kevin holds a MPS from The Pennsylvania State University in Community and Economic Development, a BS from the University of Maryland Global Campus in Fire Service Administration with a minor in Business Administration, and holds several professional and industry certifications.  

AFSO21 LLC Owner and Consultant, Kevin Ferrara

AFSO21 LLC Owner and Consultant, Kevin Ferrara