Mission Statement

Deliver strategic solutions in a timely and consistent manner while exposing value within a client’s organization. 


Experience And Determination You Can Count On

AFSO21 LLC - Arctic Fox Strategic Opportunities (AFSO) mirrors the tenacity of the small yet hardy animal that has been able to survive in the harshest of climates.  The Arctic Fox if you notice, happens to be our logo.

The level of determination given by the Arctic Fox to survive each day is what drives us to seek out and identify strategic development opportunities for you or your organization, so that either can survive in the sometimes harsh business environment.  When the environment changes in the wild, the Arctic Fox's furry coat changes to adapt and provide cover from the elements and even predators.  We're not suggesting you change your attire or office decor, but we suggest you consider the possibility of changing strategies both internal and external to effectively adapt to environments affecting you or your organization...and that's where AFSO21 LLC can help.

Our strategic planning and consulting service includes providing clients a comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities while at the same time offering an array of solutions that will help you adjust to your environment quickly and smoothly.  

We're certain you're curious to know what does the 21 mean in our company name? It stands for the 21 days a determined Arctic Fox from Norway traveled 940 miles between Norway and Greenland, a speed that many scientists claim is the fastest recorded for this species. What was so valuable that this fox would travel so far and so quickly to reach? And once it got there, was it satisfied? We many never know those answers. However, we do know the little fox didn’t stop in Greenland, she kept trekking all the way to Canada! We can only hope that when she reached her destination, she had achieved her goals.

Take a moment and reflect on your goals whether they are personal, or business related. Ask yourself, are they complete or is there still work to be done? If they are not complete, how much more time do you need to complete them? Did you plan on your goals taking this much time to be achieved?  There is a saying that if we fail to plan, we plan to fail and that holds true in every aspect of our lives. Time is our most valuable resource, a commodity that once it is spent, we cannot never get it back. However, we can manage time so that it’s utilized effectively. 

Knowing that, AFSO21 LLC works with our clients to develop a plan for their time and ensure it’s well invested towards achieving SMART goals and objectives. The last letter in the SMART acronym stands for time.  Ask yourself, can your goals and objectives be achieved in a timely manner? Can they be achieved in 21 days like the little Arctic Fox maybe planned for? If not or you’re uncertain, contact us today and let’s begin the journey together using Agile methodologies while creating value for you and your organization.





AFSO21 LLC owner and consultant, Kevin Ferrara has been serving the public for 31 years. Kevin’s public servant experience began as a volunteer firefighter in central Pennsylvania and culminated to being assigned as a Command Deputy Fire Chief in the United States Air Force. 

Throughout his military career, Kevin served as an instructor, an ambassador to foreign host nations, designed and implemented multi-million-dollar budgets, reduced equipment costs, and assisted in the development of Air Force enterprise wide programs and policies that led to the improvement of support operations and mission success. After retiring from the United States Air Force, Kevin worked several years in the corporate sector providing Subject Matter Expert (SME) support to various federal government clients before starting his own independent consulting company in 2019. This transition gave Kevin a boundless opportunity to focus on improving small to mid-size organizations to include fire emergency service (FES) providers. 

As an independent consultant, Kevin provides training and coaching in the strategic and operational areas of management and leadership. Kevin is experienced in various areas of fire emergency services, Agile methodology and coaching, business analysis, and leadership and professional development. Kevin has been instrumental in developing budgets and capability tracking programs for the Air Force resulting in millions of dollars saved annually. 

Effectively using his experience, Kevin assesses complex situations and identifies appropriate solutions, underscoring his ability to gain meaningful insight and follow up with thorough analysis. In conjunction with his years of experience with community outreach/relations, developing & writing policies/procedures, performing risk assessments, and incorporating strategic/critical thinking & writing, Kevin is skilled at group facilitation, striving to create opportunities for participants to engage in discussions that allow for individuals to think outside the box. 

Kevin holds a MPS degree from The Pennsylvania State University in Community and Economic Development, a BS from the University of Maryland University College in Fire Service Administration with a minor in Business Administration, as well as holding several professional and industry certifications in fire emergency services (FES) and business processes. 

AFSO21 LLC Owner and Consultant, Kevin Ferrara
AFSO21 LLC Owner and Consultant, Kevin Ferrara